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My Story

Nobody gets to choose the type of parents they have.  And nobody teaches parents how to be "loving" parents.  That's why parents continue to raise their children with fear and control and why so many families are dysfunctional.  As a result, many children grow up feeling emotionally-wounded, unloved and unhappy.  Because once a parent says the angry words or does hurtful things to their child, the emotional scars negatively impact their lives forever.  


It wasn't until I started addressing my own emotional health by healing my past pain that I realized just how low my self-worth was and how unhappy I was.  I know now that it was because I was not living my authentic life.  So I became addicted to people-pleasing as a way of feeling loved and validated.  Eventually, my unhappiness lead to making wrong choices.  Such as marrying the wrong man and parenting with control like my parents did.  Which I swore I would never do when I was a parent – but I did anyways!  


How I got my AH-HA MOMENT...


"One day I saw the fear in my children's eyes when I was about to hit them.  

That's when I realized that I was no better than my toxic parents because I was

behaving the same hurtful way!"


I finally realized that the only way to be a better parent and to stop the hurtful cycle of dysfunction, would be to learn how to BE A HAPPIER PERSON.  This would enable me to be a better parent role model than my mother was to me.  My mother was a victim of her unhappiness.  So, if I wanted to be a better parent, I needed to address and heal my own unhappiness. 


As I started to do the emotional healing work, I became aware of the “root” cause of my unhappiness and why I was "reactive" and living in fear like an emotionally-wounded child.  And how my divorce re-opened many emotional scars that were from my childhood – but never healed.  My road to emotional recovery wasn't easy, but eventually it lead to the restoration of my self-worth and happiness.  


So there is no doubt in my mind that the solution to authentic happiness and ending the generational cycle of toxic family dysfunction - is love.  Now I dedicate my life to helping people, like you, find their way back to self-love too! 

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