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About the Company

About Heal Your Heart From Home

At Heal Your Heart From Home, our goal is to end the generational cycle of family dysfunction caused by divorce.

When we go through trauma, it's natural to feel overwhelmed with fear, anger and the need to be in control. But letting these emotions go unchecked is how homes become toxic and relationships become strained. 


Our focus is to help parents combat these feelings and return to parenting with unconditional love in order for their family to thrive and minimize the emotional damage to all family members as a result of divorce.

About Rita

About Rita

Rita Roberts is a Holistic Emotional Health Coach, Speaker, Educator and Author of the book, Parents with Price Tags – Heal Yourself of Family Dysfunction and Learn to Love Your Children Unconditionally.   She has over 15+ years experience in the Holistic-Health Industry as an Energy Healer and 32+ years of experience as a parent.  Rita specializes in the emotional healing of divorced moms and adult children who are struggling with emotionally-neglectful parents.  


Growing up, Rita’s life became a replica of her fear-focused, emotionally-wounded, unhappy parents.  She spent most of her adult life feeling uninspired, exhausted, angry and jealous of anyone she believed had a better life than her.  She became a victim of her unhappiness - just like her parents were. Realizing the impact her behavior was having on her own children is what made her begin her journey of emotional healing and breaking the cycle. 


15 years later, Rita began reiki healing, life coaching, and developing self-led programs to help other parents on their own journeys. Rita now teaches divorced moms and their adult children how to transform their negative emotions into self-love, helping them to restore their self-worth and improve their overall mental, emotional and physical health.


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"Parents With Price Tags" is a love letter and offers realistic solutions to readers seeking answers to common family issues that leave some family members feeling unloved,  frustrated, angry, resentful, depressed or suicidal because they feel they have no choice but to either conform to old-school family traditions and unrealistic obligations or run the risk of being disrespected or disowned by their families.

About Reiki
Reiki Therapy

About Reiki

Everything, including ourselves, is composed of energy. Reiki is a treatment that can be used to restore and rebalance that energy within ourselves.  It is a gentle “hands on” holistic healing modality used to de-stress, re-energize and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.


Why Choose Reiki

In today's fast-paced, anxiety-inducing world, we often find ourselves drained of energy, which negatively impacts our overall health. Thankfully, Reiki is a peaceful, holistic healing practice that addresses all four key areas of our well-being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Unlike conventional medicine, which only targets symptoms, Reiki aims to heal the root cause of a person's health problems. By doing so, painful symptoms can be alleviated for good. Many clients opt for Reiki as a means of healing, as it provides a comprehensive approach to addressing their health concerns.

Improves Emotional Health

Holistic Healing

Increases Energy Levels

Rebalances and Restores Energy

Eliminates Stress

Gentle and Safe

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