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UNLOVED | Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

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Raising children can be a difficult job, and regrettably, not all adults possess the emotional intelligence needed to become conscious, unconditionally-loving parents. As a result, many children are raised in homes without the emotional stability, support, and validation that makes them feel valued and loved. Unfortunately, this can significantly influence a child's habits, behaviors, beliefs, and overall well-being, negatively impacting their lives if not addressed and healed. This program aims to provide emotional healing to divorced mothers who are struggling with unsupportive or emotionally immature parents. Such parents are often unaware of their actions or self-centered, leaving little room for emotional support to navigate the divorce healing process. The program offers insight into the reasons behind your parent's behavior and equips you with coping mechanisms to deal with such challenging family dynamics alongside the stress of a difficult ex-partner, children, or divorce. Through this program, you will gain awareness of how to manage and overcome unnecessary stress. ______________________________ BONUSES: Video: "My Story of Family Dysfunction" Book: Free Chapter of PARENTS WITH PRICE TAGS | "Parents Who Play Favourites"





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